T-Handle Walking Stick




 A walking stick or walking cane aids walking, helps to redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, provides postural stability by increasing the base of support, and assists in maintaining a good posture.

- Made of lightweight aluminium 
- Height adjustable
- Attractively polished hardwood handle

Adjust your cane or walking stick to the right height
How to adjust your cane or walking stick to the right height?

1. Stand up straight and let your arms fall down at your side.
2. Adjust the height of the cane so that is comes up to your wrist, or have someone else adjust it for you.
When the cane comes up to your wrist, you won’t have to hunch over to use it, but it should also be low enough that you can put weight on it.
Selecting the right height will help take pressure off your shoulders and wrists.

Height  27.5" to 36.5"
Aluminium Grade 6000
Weight 0.4kg
Country of Origin China

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