• Product Description

      TENA Bib is a handy and disposable serviette bib, designed with big dimensions, 37cm by 66cm, for extra clothing protection. Additionally, it comes with a front pocket and back ties for dignified and hygienic protection at meal times.

      • Two cellulose layers absorb the fluid, and the intermediate plastic film acts as a barrier to protect clothing or bedding
      • The front pocket collects spills whilst the integral back ties secure the serviette in place, close to the patient's neck
      • Following meals, the reverse side of the cellulose tissue can be used as a napkin

      How should it be used

      Secure the back ties close to the user's neck. During feeding, the front pocket collects food spills and the 2-tissue layers absorb fluids, protecting the clothing of the user. The reverse side of the bib can be used as a napkin upon meal completion.

      Size 37cm x 68cm - 150 pieces per pack

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