Toilet Seat Cut Foam Cushion 2"

DNR WheelsSKU: 20/7252



This elevated toilet seat riser cushion provides extra comfort when sitting on the commode and also helps minimize pressure sores.

Toilet Seat Cushion velcro
The velcro fastening straps allow for easy attachment to and removal from round or elongated toilet seats.
✓ Lightweight and easily portable, can be quickly interchanged and removed as needed.
✓ Designed for use with existing toilet seat, no need to remove standard toilet seats
✓ Fits most standard toilet and commode seats
✓ Front cut-out allows for easy wiping
✓ Foam padding, 2" (5 cm) thick, covered with PVC plastic coating
✓ Wipes clean easily to maintain hygine
✓ Neutral white blends with bathroom fixtures

Suitable for:
✓ Seniors, limited mobility users, assisted living caregivers, the disabled, or those recuperating from hip fracture, back, lower body surgery, strains, muscle injury, weak recovering patients with limited strength

Height 2" (5cm)
Material PVC plastic coating
Colour White