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      We regret to inform you that Ensure® Plus will be unavailable with immediate effect until June 2020 due to unexpected supply constraint. 
      We would like to offer our range of Ensure® Life Powder in 5 different flavors to choose from.

      To prepare a close nutritional equivalent of 200 ml of Ensure® Plus from Ensure ® Life Powder, consumers can use the following mixing directions:
      Ensure® Life Scoops / Weight (g) Water (ml) Final Volume (ml)
      1.5 kcal / ml in 200 ml 7 (70.7 g) 150 ml 200 ml

      For customers, who require a low fibre / low residue option, Ensure® Regular Powder
      can be used to prepare a nutritional equivalent.
      Ensure® Complete    Scoops / Weight (g) Water (ml) Final Volume (ml)
      1.5 kcal / ml in 200 ml    7.2 (66.7 g) 140 ml 200 ml

      For any further questions on this mixing instruction or for use in tube-feeding, you may contact Nutrition Advisors at Abbott’s Nutrition Careline 6278-6220.

      12.5g of Protein
      Helps in tissue building and growth

      28 Essential Vitamins and Minerals including
      - Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D & Iron that supports normal function of the immune system - Niacin that helps in reduction of tiredness or fatigue - Calcium for strong bones
        300 Nutritious Calories (1.5kcal/mL)
        A good source of energy
        Lactose-free & Gluten free

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