Nestlé Resource ThickenUp Clear 125g

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Packaging: Tin


RESOURCE® THICKENUP® Clear is the clear solution for dysphagia. Our exclusive patented xanthan gum formulation offers a clear solution for patients and clinicians. ✓ Instant Food and Drink Thickener. ✓ Transparent, tasteless, odourless and lump-free.
✓ Easy to mix and easy to measure.
✓ Rapid thickening and stabilisation.

Innovative Technology: Patented process and exclusive Xanthan-gum blend. Its proven amylase resistance ensures stable consistency during the entire swallowing process. Thickener helps in reducing swallowing problems by making liquids thicker. Thicker liquids travel more slowly down the throat and that makes them easier to control. 

Suitable for: Dysphagia

Mixing Directions:
1. Only use the dosage scoop included in the tin. For the best results, add the powder to a clean, dry cup, glass or beaker. 
2. Add liquid to the powder. 
3. Start stirring immediately, until the powder is completely dissolved. Leave to stand for one minute before serving. 

Ingredients: Maltodextrin (corn, potato), xanthan gum, potassium chloride. May contain traces of milk.

Nutritional Panel:
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