Valens Thixer Clear 175g

ValensSKU: 83/PDV00032




Thixer®Clear is an instant beverage clear thickener suitable for one
who has dysphagic difficulties. It helps to increase bolus consistency
for coordination of the swallowing process, which leads to positive
changes in oral transit time, pharyngeal responsiveness, and
pharyngeal pressure.

Thixer®Clear is tasteless and has high transparency when mixed with
food and liquid, it will not affect the original flavor and color of
beverages. Only little amount is needed to make the beverage thicken
faster and remain its consistency.

Thixer®Clear has excellent solubility across wide range of pH
temperature without undesirable lumps. After mixing, it has excellent

Maltodextrin (from Corn), Xanthan Gum

Once opened, cover can with cap, store in an odour free, cool, dry
place and use content within 8 weeks.
After mixing or reconstituted, consume within 6 hours or cover,
refrigerate and use within 24 hours.

Use as directed by speech therapists or other medical practitioners.
Lumps may occur if a large amount of powder is added each time, or
if it is added again to food once it has been added.