Active Passive Trainer APT-5

APTSKU: 81/AS005001



 The APT-5 combines both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor. Offering a wide range of advanced features, the Trainer helps passive users recovering from injury, suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair maintain muscle tone and improves blood circulation and stamina. The Trainer also challenges active users and is extremely helpful for movement rehabilitation, improving strength, stamina and fitness. 

The APT has many benefits:
- Require minimal balance or coordination - Can be used by people with walking and balance problems - Less expensive than other fitness equipment - Compact size promotes use and storage - Can be moved and transported with ease - Modular design promotes ease of maintenance and service - Adjustment options - Safe: No flywheel or fan that can cause injury

Passive and active mode
Forward and backward cycling

Upper and lower cycling

Active Mode:
- 10 levels of resistance for Active exercising.
- Active training for upper and lower limbs.
- Adjustable crank-arm height and length.
- Improve blood circulation, strength endurance and muscle-tone.
- Learn the motorics of cycling.
- Activate rhythmical locomotion patterns.

Clinical Applications: - The importance of training for Senior citizens - Rehabilitation for Orthopedic pathologies (partial weight bearing) - Active and passive training for Children with motoric disorders Post traumatic brain damage - APT training for Parkinson patients - APT training for Multiple Sclerosis patients - APT training for Post Polio Syndrome patients - Post Cardiac Rehabilitation

Passive Mode:
- 10 speeds for passive exercising. 
- Auto reverse feature ensures release of seized muscles.
- Upper and lower limb training for passive, disabled users.
- Improve circulation, muscle tone and range of motion.
- Decrease atrophy, spasms and swelling.
- Reduces total limb resistance to passive cycling.
- Normalizes lower extremities muscle tone.

Clinical Applications: - Passive training for Spinal cord injury - Spina Bifida - APT training for Cerebrovascular Incidence (CVA) patients  - Active and passive training for patient with Cerebral Palsy - Supportive care for Myopathies patients - Supportive care for Congenital Muscular Dystrophy - Exercise benefits for Hemodialysis patients
Weight: 10kg (22 lbs)
Folded Dimension: 46x72x15cm (18"x28"x6")
Rotation Radius: 37.5 / 75 / 112.5 / 150mm
(1.5" / 3" / 4.5" / 6")
Exercising Positions (Angle): 15° / 30° / 45° / 60°
Rated Voltage: 18V AC
Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz.
Rated Power: 100VA
Approvals: CE, TUV

Straight hand grip (pair)

Footrest (pair)

High support for footrest (pair)

Remote Control