Angel Power Standing Wheelchair


  • Product Description

       The Standing Wheelchair is meticulously crafted to YOUR NEEDS. Toughness and durability are built in so you can expect comfort and flawless performance on a daily basis.

      The Standing Wheelchair is a very unique piece of equipment. It allows someone who is normally confined to a seated position in a traditional wheelchair to STAND UP and stretch out with ease and safety, at any time, in any place.

      The Standing Wheelchair not just a chair off the rack. Rather, it is a precise-built wheelchair that can help you to become healthier and stronger through repeated standing.  

      - Standing up, driving functions by power
      - Rigid steel framework with a liquid coating
      - With headlight and signal light (controlled by joystick)
      Adjustable headrest

      - Flip-backward armrest

      Detachable backrest

      - LED indicator light

      Adjustable footplate


      Tie down anchorage

      Dimension: Click here to see size chart
      Motor: 450W x 24V x 2pcs
      Brakes: Electric-Magnetic Brakes
      Battery charger: 5AMP
      Max speed forward: 9.15km/h
      Slop grade-ability:  Max 10°
      Max Loading :  D/S size: 120kg
      A size: 135kg
      L size: 160kg