CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strip

CareSensSKU: 82/ISNXE600154604



CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strips are designed for use with CareSens N or CareSens N Pop blood glucose monitoring meters. ✓ Each box contains 50 test strips with no coding. ✓ Suitable for anyone who needs to test their blood glucose, including people who require specialist care
✓ Easy and accurate testing – no coding required
✓ Requires a very small sample of blood (0.5 microliters of blood)
✓ Rapid test result in less than 5 seconds
✓ Long shelf life for strips

Directions for Use
Use to self-test blood glucose with a CareSens N or CareSens N Pop meter.

Warnings & Cautions
✓ Keep out of reach of children.
✓ Store between 1-30°C.
✓ Do not freeze.
✓ Tightly recap test strip vial immediately after use.
✓ Dispose of test strips if past expiration date.
✓ Read & follow enclosed instructions.
✓ Discard used test strips safely in disposable containers
✓ Use only with CareSens N brand of blood glucose meters.