ColourCatch Combo Wall Panel

RompaSKU: R022873-WHT

Colour: White


Includes 4 colour based games designed to improve memory, colour recognition, motor skills but most of all to be great fun!

The panel fills with colour and light during use and provides exciting visual and auditory rewards for taking part. Matching is an important foundation skill for language and mathematical concepts, whilst being an activity enjoyed by all ages.

Features include:
- For passive and interactive use
- 4 games including Memory Match, Colour Fill and Colour Snap
- Adjustable challenge levels for a range of abilities – from simple games to more complex memory tasks
- Easily-adjusted difficulty levels
- Accessible and illuminated push buttons
- Sockets for your own switches
- Can be use with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation
- Touch screen tracks your score and the high score for the session
- Displays scores to help monitor progress
- A sound card can be used in this panel (not included).
- Size: 115H x 67W x 10cm

1x Colour Catch Combo™
2x Wall Mounting Bracket
4x M4 Screws (screwed on sides)
1x UK Mains Lead
1x US Mains Lead
1x EU Mains Lead

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 White, Blue, Black, Green, Red, Lilac, Ice Blue


115H x 67W x 10cm




100-240V 50/60Hz


5V DC 10A


ABS (Phthalate-Free)