ComfyCare Hygiene Sheet 80 x 180cm

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Packaging: Packet (10 pcs)


ComfyCare hygiene sheet material
- Convenient cost-effective bed and chair protectors
- High-quality multipurpose protectors - Strong absorbency - Superior Absorbency Core contains Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP-Gel).
- Super soft and hypoallergenic non-woven on the top sheet assures the comfort of the user. - Embossed channels assure faster fluid distribution to keep the surface dry and snug. - Waterproof and breathable PE film prevents fluid leakage.  - Large size provides maximum containment of feces

Suitable for ComfyCare hygiene sheet suitable for

How to use:
Place the pad under the body and absorb the excreta. Spread the sheets on the bed to prevent the sheets from being contaminated. 

Length 180cm
Width 80cm
Absorbency ComfyCare hygiene sheet absorbency

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