Conveen Urine Bag

ConveenSKU: 86/0506201740

Size: 1500ml
Packaging: Piece



- Choice of clamp or lever tap
- Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
- Lever tap is easy to operate
- Soft backing for increased wearing comfort
- Anti-kink tubing reduces risk of backflow and prevents accidental leakage
- Free of PVC and phthalates
- Optional needle-free sample port (unique) eliminating the risk of needlestick injury
- Extended outlet tube prevents contact with urine when emptying
- Discreet and current design
- Colour scheme for less visibility under clothing


- Outlet valve easy to manage even with impaired dexterity
- Easy to see whether valve open or closed
- Flexible tubing
- Non-return valve designed to prevent backflow of urine
    Suitable for night-time use for the collection of urine from indwelling catheters or incontinence sheets.  They are used in conjunction with a bag hanger.  The bag has a 1500 ml capacity and suspending holes at the top of the bag to allow it to be hung on a stand.  The outlet valve is safe to use because the end-users can see. The drainage bags have a life-in-use of, on average 5-7 days.