JAY J2 Deep Contour Cushion

Sunrise MedicalSKU: 55/2446

Seat Width x Depth: 14" x 16"


Jay J2 deep pre-contoured foam wheelchair cushion features a Jay Flow fluid tripad with up to 3" of loading for superior skin protection and an easy to modify base for optimal stability.

Contoured, easy to modify base
Jay J2 cushion feature a contoured foam base constructed from closed cell foam. This makes it easy to modify in our factory or in the field. Jay J2 deep contour cushion provides exceptional lateral and forward stability for individuals with changing needs or unique postures.

Jay Flow fluid tripad
The J2 features the JAY Flow fluid tripad, which conforms to each individual's shape, adjusts to sitting positions, and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. Its zero-maintenance design delivers superior results throughout the life of the cushion.

Features - Low maintenance - Provide optimal pelvic positioning - Pre-contoured structural closed cell foam

Suitable for User
- May be at extremely high risk of skin breakdown
- May not be able to perform independent weight shifts
- May have changing postural needs over time
- May be in a wheelchair for extended periods of time
- May experience weight loss

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Product Type Foam & Fluid Cushion
HCPCS Code E2622/E2623
Width Range 14" to 24"
Depth Range 14" to 20"
Product Weight Standard: 5.5 lbs. (16x16)
Deep Contour: 6.27 lbs (16x16)
Height Standard: 2.5"
Deep Contour: 4.5"
Weight Capacity 14"-21": 300 lbs.
22"-24": 500 lbs.
Base Pre-contoured structural closed cell foam
Insert JAY Flow™ fluid tripad
Inner Cover N/A
Warranty - The manufacturer guarantees an option of repair or replaces cushion base without original charge if there occurs a defect in material and workmanship within 24 months from the original date of purchase.
- This warranty does not apply to punctures, tears or burns, nor to the cushion’s removable cover.
- Except for the expressed warranty made herein, all other warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose are excluded.