JAY J3 Posterior Deep Lateral Back

Sunrise MedicalSKU: 75/J3PDLUTS14SH

Back Support Level: Upper Thoracic (UT)
Back Height (Refer Product Features for Dimension): Short (S)
Back Width: 14"


Jay J3 posterior deep lateral back offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client. The J3 wheelchair back is the most versatile wheelchair back for with different support height levels. Each back is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation. Posterior deep lateral has 6" of lateral thoracic support which provide posterior and lateral stability to clients with varying postures and functional needs.

Four support height levels to provide support for clients with wide ranges of torso heights and levels of injury.

Back Height / Size Short (S) Medium (M) Tall (T)
Lower Thoracic (TL)
6.5" 8.0" 9.5"
Mid Thoracic (MT)

12.0" 13.5" 15.0"
Upper Thoracic (UT)

16.5" 18.0" 19.5"
Upper Thoracic (UT) X: 7.5"
Y: 5.8"
X: 8.3"
Y: 6.5"
X: 9.3"
Y: 6.8"
Shoulder Height (SH)

21.0" 22.5" 24.0"
Shoulder Height (SH) X: 8"
Y: 6"
X: 8.8"
Y: 6.5"
X: 9.5"
Y: 7.3"
Product Weight  1.4 lbs. and up (without hardware)
Width Range 14" to 20"
Height Upper thoracic: 16.5", 18", 19.5"
Shoulder height: 21", 22.5", 24"
Hardware Angle Adjustability 20°
Hardware Width Adjustability +2"
Frame Tubing Compatibility 3/4" to 1 1/8"
Lateral Contour Support 6"
Foam Insert 1½" soft foam
Weight capacity 300 lbs. / 136kg (12" to 20" widths)