Leggero Enzo Tilt Stroller / Wheelchair


Seat Width: 12"-14"


Composite Aluminium Frame | Adjustable Axle Plate | Growable Seat Rails

Lightweight. Cast aluminum frame with no welds. Rigid or side fold.
From the first concept to the final system, every aspect of the Leggero Enzo was designed to maximize both aesthetics and performance. The Enzo’s cast aluminum frame and precise machining provide unparalleled rigidity in both folding and rigid configurations. No attention to detail was lost on the Enzo, from the impressively stable folding frame and the TRU-Comfort seating to options that make it the most attractive, versatile pediatric transitional wheelchair on the market.

  • 45° Posterior Tilt
  • Optional 5° Anterior Tilt
  • Folding Frame with Excellent Rigidity
  • Rigid Frame Option
  • Numerous Wheel and Caster Choices
  • Hand or Foot Tilt Options
  • Push to Lock, Hub Lock, or Drum Brakes
  • Adjustable Depth Clamping Seat Rails
  • Adjustable Height Clamping Back Canes
  • Adjustable Axle Position

Hub locks

Equipment tray


IV pole

Curb assist anti tip

Anti tip

Oxygen holder

Seat rail mounted arm rest

Transit tie down front

Transit tie down rear 

Leggero Enzo adjustment

Leggero Enzo specifications