Leggero Trak Tilt & Recline Stroller / Paediatric Wheelchair


Seat Width: 12"


45 Degrees Tilt | 90-120 Degrees Recline | Folds Compactly

A sleek pediatric tilt in space without the bulky wheelchair look. The Trak offers 45 degrees of tilt and a recline range of 90-120 degrees, ideal for pressure relief. Our on-the-fly adjustable back and depth adjustable seat pan allow for quick and easy changes. IV poles, O2 holders, vent brackets and solid equipment trays can be installed without affecting the compact folding design.

  • 12″ and 14″ Seat Widths Available
  • Very lightweight (29lbs)
  • 45° Tilting Frame
  • 30° Hip Angle Adjustment
  • Configurable Seating
  • Folds Compactly
  • Rear Suspension
  • Free Sunshade & Storage Bag

LT chest harness

5-point harness adjustment point


Oxygen holder


Trak tilt level

Cascading seat cushion

8" ovel headrest

Comfort plus headrest

121 headrest

Combo series headrest

Leggero Trak Specifications

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