Musical Abstract Tactile Panel





Visual, tactile and especially audible. Stimulating sounds, engaging activity and inviting textures. Lovely for exploring, comparing, learning and enjoying.

A large variety of fluid shapes, raised and recessed areas as well as contrasting textures make this contemporary looking panel as pleasing to the touch as to the eye.

Promotes social skills (conversation, listening skills and turn-taking) as well as imaginative and creative interaction.

Useful for colour recognition, visual perception and discrimination, the panel allows different movements and use of fine motor function.

To be wall mounted at an appropriate height for the user, in the orientation shown.


This panel has many uses including:

  • exploration of the textures and sounds for enjoyment, not as part of a goal-orientated activity so there is no pressure to achieve
  • tracing lines and visual tracking
  • stimulating conversation and an awareness of preferences e.g. the different sounds can encourage discussion about likes and dislikes
  • imaginative play
  • for orientation - as tactile signposting along corridors for those with visual impairments

Size: 115 x 115cm

Wooden frame

Colours and features may vary

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