Raised Toilet Seat with Clamp-On


Height: 2" (Without cover)


Raised toilet seat is designed to assist those with chronic bending, sitting difficulties or those recovering from surgery by adding 2" or 4" to the height of the toilet seat.

How to Install Raised Toilet Seat

✓ Lightweight plastic construction
✓ Gently contoured surface for extra comfort
✓ Resistant to stains and odours, fully sealed and easy to clean
✓ Fits wide range sizes of toilet
✓ A deep recess in the front for better hygiene
✓ Features a clamping lock mechanism that tightens easily with one hand to hold it securely in place; tool-free installation

Raised Toilet Seat with measurement

Weight Capacity: 136kg (300 lbs.)
Width: 35 - 38cm (13.8" - 15")
Depth: 39cm (15.4")
Seat Height: 5cm (2")
10cm (4")

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