Rifton Adaptive Tricycle

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Rifton Tricycle with kidRide with your friends!
Most of us have fond memories of childhood bike rides. At Rifton we believe everyone deserves the chance to ride, especially someone with physical disabilities.

An adaptive tricycle is often medically necessary for someone who cannot walk independently or who sits for long hours in a wheelchair.

Download the Adaptive Tricycle brochure.

"My student received the trunk support and rear steering bar for his tricycle. He is cognitively impaired and blind, and now he can ride just like other children. The rear steer is fantastic and allows him to ride faster. Now his tricycle allows him to be a part of society and join his peers."
Rachel Jodway
Dearborn Public School District, MI

The Benefits:
Therapeutic benefits of tricycling:
- Lower extremity strengthening
- Reciprocal leg motion patterning
- Balancing skills
- Using visual, spatial perception for steering
- Social interaction with peers and neighbors

Benefits of using the Adaptive Tricycle:
- No-tool adjustments
- Components such as the trunk support system and front or rear steering bar customize the tricycle to meet your child or client’s needs

TraysRifton Adaptive Tricycle communication tray

AbductorsRifton Tricycle small abductor

Rear Steering BarsRifton Tricycle rear steering bar

HeadrestsRifton Tricycle contoured headrest

Trunk Support SystemRifton Tricycle trunk support system

Front Guide BarRifton Tricycle front guide bar

Front PulleyRifton Tricycle front pulley

Backrest PadRifton Adaptive Tricycle backrest

Stationary StandRifton Tricycle stationary stand

Rifton Tricycle dimensions

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