Rifton Grab Bars & Anchors

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Type: Hand Anchor


Rifton grab bar & anchor familyGrab Bars & Anchors - Provide stabilization for tasks and activities

Suction mounted support
The Anchor Family is a collection of suction cup Grab Bars with varying types of hand grips and arm supports to aid in upper extremity stabilization for people with disabilities. Stabilizing one arm helps increase upper body control so tasks and activities of daily living become easier.

Download the Anchor Family brochure.

"Whether stabilizing a child’s posture while he feeds himself or letting him type at the computer, we see huge improvements with the use of Rifton’s Anchors. I especially like the grab bar. I’ve used it on the floor for self-assisted rolling and on tables for repositioning. The versatility of the system has made the Anchor family indispensable at our facility."
- Bill Lynch, DPT
Supervisor, Physical Therapy Department

A boy uses a Rifton Arm anchor on the tray of his Rifton Activity chair.Great in the classroom, at home or in a sheltered workshop, Anchors are portable and sturdy, but not too heavy. The suction cup base fastens easily to any smooth, horizontal surface including wheelchair trays or stander trays.

Users with low tone receive support and develop strength for improved functional sitting. For users with high tone or movement disorders, the Anchor provides stability for increased functional use of the free hand and arm. Anchors promote inclusion and social development for the user.

Anchors are short-term positioning aids and are not intended for primary standing support or transfers.

Arm Anchor

Elbow Anchor

Hand Anchor

Grab Bar

Horizontal Anchor

Wrist Anchor

K821 Hand Anchor Overall length: 5½"
Length of handhold with bulb: 4¼"
Diameter of handhold: 1¼"
K824 Grab Bar Overall length: 20"
Overall length with cups in: 13½"
Diameter of handhold: 1¼"
Length of bar: 10"
K815 / K816 Elbow Anchor Overall length: 11"
Overall width: 7¼"
Width of arm trough: 4"
Length of arm trough base: 9½"
K822 Wrist Anchor Overall length: 8"
Length of handhold with bulb: 4"
Diameter of handhold: 1¼"
K823 Horizontal Anchor Overall length: 9½"
Length of handhold with bulb: 4½"
Diameter of handhold: 1¼"
K811 / K812 Arm Anchor
Inside of thumb to elbow: 7½"– 12"
Overall length with handhold: 9"– 13"
Width of arm trough: 4"
K813 / K814 Arm Anchor Inside of thumb to elbow: 10"– 15"
Overall length with handhold: 11"– 16"
Width of arm trough: 4½"

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