Rifton Prone Stander

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 Providing physical development and greater social interaction
The physiological benefits of standing are enormous – not to mention the psychological benefits of being able to tackle activities in an upright position, participating at eye level alongside peers.

Prone Standers allow for physical development and greater social interaction – enabling clients to experience the world more fully while building strength for the future. Our Prone Standers provide anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms. Fully adjustable, a Prone Stander can “grow” with clients as their skills develop.

"The Rifton Prone Stander has exceptional growth capability, and adjustments are easy to make by parents or therapists. The adjustable abduction wedge with hip stabilizer positions even heavy youngsters in good hip extension and alignment. I consider this stander one of the best on the market."
Michele E. Audet, MMSc, PT, ATP
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Seating and Mobility Clinic
Atlanta, GA

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The Benefits:
A small boy waves for the camera while standing in a Rifton Prone stander
- Provides hip alignment through comfortable postural supports
- Provides stretch to reduce risk of lower extremity contractures
- Builds head control
- Strengthens lower-body muscles
- Positions the user at eye-level to peers for social interaction

Benefits of using the Prone Stander:
- Adjustments are easy to make
- Optional components enable therapists to customize the supports to a client’s needs
- Calibrated angle adjustment positions the client from 0 to 85°
- When vertical, the Prone Stander’s footboard is almost at floor level, making transfers easy

Height adjustment
Adjust the height of the main board and footboard separately to achieve the best possible upright postural control for your client.

Angle indicator
The 0° to 85° angle adjustment makes it easy to monitor and adjust the rate and amount of weight-bearing the user can manage comfortably. It can also be helpful if you are using the Prone Stander with multiple clients and need to protocol the stander angle necessary for each client.

The Prone Stander kneeboard can be removed for small children.

When the Prone Stander is vertical the footboard is almost at floor level making transfers easy.

S-curve frame
The upright stander's curved frame takes up less floor space and allows the caregiver to attend to a client without difficulty. The large (E950) Prone Stander frame is Hoyer® lift accessible.

Double-locking casters prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

Manual crank
The user-friendly crank handle adjusts the Prone Stander board from horizontal to vertical.

TraysRifton Prone Stander trayThe spacious tray has an easily cleanable surface and tool-free angle adjustment.

Sandals & Wedgespair of Rifton Supine Stander sandalsRifton Supine Stander sandal wedgesSandals and wedges raise heels or toes. Configure them yourself with the unique “stack and latch” feature. For different leg lengths combine two wedges under one sandal.

AbductorsRifton Prone Stander adjustable abduction wedge with hip stabilizerRifton Prone Stander round abductor with hip stabilizerRifton Prone Stander round abductorRifton Prone Stander round abductor collarRifton Prone Stander adjustable abduction wedge

Wide strapsRifton Prone Stander additional hip strapThe additional hip strap can be used to provide more support.

Hand AnchorRifton AnchorThe hand Anchor helps position hands firmly anywhere on the tray.

Extra Pair of Trunk Support BlocksPair of Rifton Prone Stander trunk laterals

Pair of Knee Support BlocksPair of Rifton Prone Stander knee laterals

Rfiton Prone Stander dimensions