Singa 4" Cell Mattress with Static & Digital Mode Pump

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✓ Alternating mode - provide better airflow reduce heat and humid for user
✓ Static mode - air is pumped at 65% of the user's weight. Suitable for feeding or when the user at sitting position. 
✓ Auto firm - air is pumped at 100% of the user's weight. Suitable when the user needs to transfer from bed to chair, or chair to bed
✓ Therapy up to stage II pressure ulcers. ✓ Patient weight adjustable from 30 to 150 KG. ✓ Bottom out: keep patient’s bottom from touching the hard base when in an upright seating position. ✓ Mattress material is waterproof, flameproof and stain resistant. ✓ Pillow function: remain static in the 4 tubes at the head zone. ✓ C.P.R. valve: air release within 15 sec. ✓ Pump: noiselessness and low vibration. ✓ Quick connector and transport CAP. ✓ Tube with true low air loss hole. ✓ Non-slip base. ✓ Easy operation ✓ Lightweight pump hooks easily ✓ Low energy consumption

We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, we will provide a free personalized onsite training session during delivery.
Mattress Type: 

Cell (Tube) Type

Dimension (D x W): 200cm x 90cm
Height: 4" (10.16 cm)
Material: Nylon + 0.2 mm TPU film
No. of Cells: 18
Water-Resistance Mattress Cover: Yes
Function: Pillow Function, CPR, Quick Connector, Static
Cover: Ny70D /0.015 TPU film 
Warranty: 12 months against manufacturing defects; wear and tear not included.

Dimension (LxWxH):

 260 x 125 x 170mm




1.5 kg

Pressure Range:

40~90 mm/Hg

Cycle Time:

8 min/60Hz

Alternating Mode:

3 sections

Alarm Mode

Power failure alarm / Selector failure alarm / Low pressure alarm

Safety Standards 


Weight Range


Warranty  24 months against manufacturing defects; wear and tear not included.

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