Smooth-Flo Enteral Feeding Tube (Piece)

DNR WheelsSKU: 83/83-1290

Size: 12fr (36")
Packaging: Piece


✓ Multiple eyelet reduce the occurrence of clogging ✓ Excellent for long-term intubation
✓ Medical grade polyurethane material for high performance and cost efficiency
✓ Bullet shape distal end for patient comfort during insertion ✓ Centimeter mark on the length of the tube allows visual check for migration and recording

Why Choose Smooth-flo
The Ultimate in Patient Safety
✓ All Smooth-Flo feeding tubes are printed with centimeter marks for increased patient safety and insertion accuracy. 

Clinician Convenience and Patient Comfort:
✓ "Y" ports on all Smooth-flo feeding tubes minimize touch contamination and make flushing easy. 
Diameter (Fr): 12FR
Length: 90cm (35.4")

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