VALENS Carborie 350gm


Packaging: Tin


Valens Carborie® is a readily absorbed glucose polymer module produced by patented controlled depolymerization and agglomeration of cornstarch. It is a medical nutrition supplement suitable for providing extra calories to persons with increasing energy needs and/or to persons who are unable to achieve sufficient energy requirements with a normal diet.
Unlike other carbohydrate modules, Valens Carborie® is low in mineral & electrolytes, with low osmolality. It provides higher caloric density without exceeding osmotic balance with a lower risk of osmotic diarrhoea.

Valens Carborie® is instantiated, quick disperse with excellent solubility. It mixes readily with most feeding formula, food and beverages.

Valens Carborie® is white in colour and does not alter flavour of formulas, foods and beverages.

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