How to Choose Between Walking Frame and Rollator

Walking frame and rollator can provide support for those who have loss independence or need assistance when walking. 

Choosing the right walking aid is important as it helps the user to increase their mobility and feel more independent because they do not have to rely on another person to help them get around. 

Factors to consider in determining which walking aid might be best:

  • Upper body strength - the product may require constant lifting for everyday use; sometimes the user may need to lift the walking frame or rollator away from uneven terrain.
  • Stability and balance - Determine if the user can handle having a product with wheels, especially if they have difficulty with stability and balance.
  • Storage - If the user travels outside frequently, you may need to consider whether the walking aids can be folded for easy storage and transport.
  • Height and weight - Ensure the user's height and weight can fit the walking aids.

 What's the Difference Between a Walking Frame and a Rollator?

Walking Frame  Rollator
Frame with handles and legs  With three or four wheels
Need to be lifted for movement Can be pushed
Slower pace Hand-operated brakes
May have a seat resting purpose

Types of Walking Frame

A standard walking frame is a simple, lightweight device without wheels. The user must have enough arm strength to pick up the walker and only needing a little extra help.

Two-wheel or four-wheel walking frame is suitable for the user who doesn’t need quite as much support but is not stable enough to use a rollator.

Both types of walking frame are height adjustable in order to accommodate various user's heights. Both are also available in folding and non-folding options.

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Types of Rollator

Rollators come in three-wheel or four-wheel option and most of it is equipped with handbrakes that allow the user to stop the rollator when needed. Most rollators feature a padded seat and backrest for resting purpose as well as a basket or pouch to keep personal items. 

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