Why should you be getting an air mattress instead?

What is an air mattress?

An Air Mattress is basically an inflatable mattress. It might sound simple, but it can be used for various purposes. Other than being used as a regular bed and being used during camping, air mattresses have many other benefits such as better body contouring and pain relief. It is also easier to maintain than a regular mattress, it is portable and durable.

Health benefits of an air mattress

Health benefits of an air mattress


Additionally, some air mattresses offer adjustable air inflation levels that let users alter the bed's firmness to cure pressure ulcers, enhance blood flow, and relieve backaches. Air mattresses enhances blood flow by alternating pressure from one air cell to another, preventing patients from getting pressure sores.  Read our article on Repositioning for pressure ulcer prevention to learn how to alleviate pressure ulcers by repositioning the patient. Better body contouring is also possible because of the ability to adjust the mattress’ firmness, which helps support the spine in all sleeping positions. Being able to manually control the pressure of the air mattress using the accompanying air pump allows patients to suit the mattresses to their personal needs.

Both hospital beds and home care beds can be used with air mattresses. Without harming the skin or back, they are made to relieve pressure points, increase mobility, and encourage rest and relaxation, especially for patients with restricted mobility and extensive injuries.

Other benefits of an air mattress

On top of these health benefits, some other advantages of air mattresses are that there will be no sagging. Sagging occurs with normal memory foam mattresses where the surface starts to give way after years of usage. As for air mattresses, you can just fill it up with more air, and do not need to think about buying a new mattress which saves your spending over the years.  

Depending on the quality of the pump, most air mattresses can be filled to full size within 3 to 5 minutes.

An air mattress can also be easily moved around as it is lightweight and made from smooth vinyl materials, compared to heavy memory foam mattresses. The PVC material is also easier to clean. They can be simply washed with water and mild soap, unlike memory foam mattresses.

Different air mattresses have some specific qualities that not all air mattresses might have and these qualities might cause a hike in the price of the mattress. If you are looking to purchase an air mattress for yourself or a loved one, do look into the specifications of the product.

Take for example the Carilex Entrix 5" Air Mattress. It has various features such as internal pressure monitoring and a low-pressure alert. Due to these advanced features, this air mattress is more pricey than usual. Unlike a basic air mattress like the Singa 4” Cell Mattress with Brick Pump, that has the basic features like alternating modes and adjustable weight, that is more affordable.

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