ComfyCare Day Adult Pull Up Pants


Fits Hip Sizes
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      Our Products ComfyCare are Low Price but made of Quality Materials!

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      $0.90 per piece

      $1.69 per piece

      Average use 3 to 4 diapers a day

      = $81 to $108 / month

      Average use 3 to 4 diapers a day

      = $153 to $204 / month

      - Super double layer absorbent core with a fortified zone of super absorbent polymer ensures maximum urine retention - Super absorbency and dryness, avoid rewet - 3D-leak guard, provide maximum containment of feces - Tear-away side seams for easy removal - Wetness indicator, helps for caring, color fades once the diaper is wet, remain change once 2/3 of them is faded - Pull-up diaper design which allows the user to use it in a similar way to underpants but with no fear of leakage - Fragrance-free
      Medium  Large
      Fits Hip Sizes: 60cm - 120cm 80cm - 160cm
      SAP: 19g 22g
      Max Absorbency: 2200ml 2500ml

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