ROHO High Profile Single Compartment Cushion

PermobilSKU: 55/1R88C

Size: 4.25" H; Fit 14"-15" (W) x 14"-15" (D)


 Roho® high profile® single compartment cushion is an air-filled, adjustable, cellular design, wheelchair support surface that utilizes Dry Floatation® technology and is engineered to conform to an individual's seated shape. High profile® single compartment cushion is recommended for users who may require soft tissue protection while seated.

It is recommended that a clinician such as a doctor or therapist specializing in seating and positioning should be consulted to determine if the High profile® single compartment cushion is appropriate for the user’s specific seating needs.
If you are using a wheelchair with a sling seat, it is recommended to use the Roho Contour Base, Roho Planar Solid Seat Insert, or a solid seat platform in combination with your wheelchair cushion for best positioning results. Cushion must be properly sized to individual.

- Adjustable to shape and weight
- Adds little weight to entire mobility system
- Cushion can be easily cleaned and disinfected
- Cover is machine washable and can be disinfected
- Adjustable to changes in individual's position over time
- Provides up to approximately 3.75in./9cm of immersion
- Neoprene cushion can be patched or repaired to extend use
- Hydrostatic distribution of load across the entire contact area

The product comes standard with:
- Repair kit
- Operation manual
- Hand inflation pump
- Two-way stretch cover

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SKU Height Fit into Seat Width x Seat Depth
1R87C 4.25" 14" - 15" x 13"
1R88C 4.25" 14" - 15" x 14" - 15" 
1R89C 4.25" 14" - 15" x 16" - 17"
1R810C 4.25" 14" - 15" x 18" - 19"
1R98C 4.25" 16" - 17" x 14" - 15"
1R99C 4.25" 16" - 17" x 16" - 17" 
1R910C 4.25" 16" - 17" x 18" - 19"
1R109C 4.25" 18" x 19" x 16" - 17" 
1R1010C 4.25" 18" x 19" x 18" - 19" 


Construction Flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex)
Includes - High Profile Single Compartment Cushion
- Two-way stretch over
- Hand inflation pump
- Repair kit
- Operation instructions
Height Approximately 4.25" / 10.5 cm without load
Width 11.5" to 25" / 29cm to 63.5cm 
Weight Varies by size, approximately 3.25 lbs. / 1.5kg
Weight Limit There is no weight limit, yet the cushion must be properly sized to the individual
Warranty Cushion: 24-Month Limited Warranty. 
*Against manufacturing defects
ROHO® Select Series Brochure
How to Choose Your Roho Cushion Size

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