Sunrise Medical Whitmyer PLUSH Wheelchair Headrest

Sunrise MedicalSKU: 75/P1000L

Size: 10"


Curved, single pad wheelchair headrest for posterior head support
PLUSH Single Pad Headrest Systems provide posterior support with a high degree of comfort and safety. This basic wheelchair headrest is ideal for tilt or recline, accepts additional lateral and anterior supports, and is easily adjustable to adapt with clients as their needs change.

Contoured Pads
6" to 19" Contoured PadsPLUSH contoured headrests feature a unique cupping shape for excellent posterior support with a high level of comfort and client safety. This simple, single pad headrest is easily adjustable to accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body positioning. Add lateral facial pads, switches, or anterior supports to increase versatility.

Lycra - durable, water-resistant material with 4-way stretch

Mounting Hardware
Linx Mounting HardwareLinx - sleek, curved design with moderate anterior-posterior adjustability and excellent durability

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Product Type: Head Support Systems
Sizes: 10"Sunrise Medical Whitmyer Plush 10 inch dimensions
14"Sunrise Medical Whitmyer Plush 14 inch dimensions
Mounting Systems:
Outer Cover:

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