UNAwheel Maxi



A high-performance power add-on that fits most wheelchairs on the market. UNAwheel Maxi is the best companion in everyday life and travel (local or worldwide), city rides, and country weekends. UNAwheel Maxi multiplies your freedom.

  • High-performance and reliable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable 
  • Universal
  • Versatile
Weight of Unit: 11.3kg
Weight of Battery: 2kg
Weight of Adapter: 1.7kg
Wheels: 14", pneumatic wheels
Motor: 36V, 450W, brushless, direct
Battery: Li-ion, 8Ah, 288Wh
Max. load: 120kg
Display: LCD, waterproof
Signal: Horn
Range: Up to 25 km (depending on the type of terrain, road surface, the weight of the user, and temperature)
Max. Speed:  10km/h
Braking: Mechanical drum brakes + parking brake
CPM: Central Positioning Mechanism
Climbing capability:  Max. grade of 14%* *With a fully-charged battery and a 60 kg user weight.


User Manual