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Molicare Premium Extra Plus - Medium


  • All-in-One incontinence brief
  • Soft, breathable and water-repellant non-woven side panels covering hip area
  • With antibacterial pH skin neutral Dry Plus fluid distribution layer
  • Odour neutralizing superabsorbent core and wetness indicator
  • Water-repellant, anatomically shaped and curved inner anti-leak cuffs
  • Bodyshaped pad with elastic leg gathers
  • Impermeable elastic outer foil in the front, crotch and back areas
  • Tear-resistant stretch closure system with refastenable elastic taps
  • excellent moisture retention and extra leakage protection, breathable
  • Dermatologically tested


Model:  MoliCare Premium Extra Plus- Medium


Size M
Waist / hip measurement:  70/120 cm 
Outer Carton of 3 Bags of 30 pcs

Molicare Premium Extra Plus - Medium

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Model Molicare Premium Extra Plus - Medium
Brand Hartmann
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