3M™ Cavilon™ Durable Barrier Cream Fragrance Free


  • Product Description

      • Improves Patient Comfort – Moisturizes as it protects skin against incontinence-associated dermatitis
      • Long Lasting – Resists washing off and requires fewer applications than typical moisture barriers, saving time and effort
      • Transparent, Non-Greasy and Allows Adhesives to Adhere – Vanishes into the skin, allowing tapes and dressings to adhere. Does not clog briefs or diapers.
      • Clinically Proven Protection – Hypoallergenic formula contains dimethicone for extra skin protection and comfort
      • Compatible with CHG
      • Vanishes into skin
      • Does not clog briefs or diapers
      • Economical

      Concentrated, long-lasting protection against incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD).

      A unique moisturizing barrier cream formulated with 3M polymers for patients at risk from incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD). Concentrated, fragrance-free cream requires a less frequent application and resists washing off, making care easier. Hypoallergenic formula contains dimethicone to better protect patients' skin. Compatible with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) and can be used with tapes and dressings.


      Suggested Applications

      • Protecting at-risk skin from damage associated with incontinence
      • Moisturizing severely dry skin


      Container Volume 3.25 Ounce
      Volume 3.25 Fluid Ounce (US)
      Volume (metric) 92 g