Abbott Nepro LP 220ml

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Complete renal nutrition for people with kidney disease (non-dialyzed)

Introducing Nepro® LP
Nepro® LP (Lower Protein) is high in calories+ and lower in protein+ (9.94 grams/220ml) and provides complete renal nutrition scientifically formulated for people with kidney disease (non-dialyzed)

Nepro® LP offers a special renal nutrition system:
- Lower in protein+
- Nutritionally complete with 28 vitamins and minerals including vitamin B3 and B6 to help produce energy and reduce tiredness
- Low potassium, phosphorous and sodium to help comply with current expert recommendations.**
- Rich in calories* (401kcal per bottle)
- Low fluid content (162g per bottle)

Also containing Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), Omega 3 fatty acids and CarbSteady® (advanced, slow-digesting, low GI carbohydrate complex), Nepro® LP is suitable for oral or tube feeding as a sole source of nutrition or as supplemental nutrition.

Follow the recommendation of your physician and/or dietitian. When used as a nutritious snack or supplement, the recommended servings may range from 1–3 servings a day.

+ 44.2% less protein (9.94g vs 17.82g) for Nepro LP vs Nepro HP per serving.

* Higher in calories than Ensure® Life
** European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG); ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism); US National Kidney Foundation KDOQI and KDIGO guidelines when used as sole source of nutrition.

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