ABS Overbed Table with H-Base




ABS Overbed Table with H Base with Sofa
  • ABS material, suitable for high-grade hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Silent design, no noise while adjusting table height
  • Table surface made of high quality material that against corrosion of iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and other medicines
  • Easy to operate by pressing the lever at the side to adjust the height of the table
  • Table height adjusted by air-spring
  • Equipped with four 360° swivel castors
    ABS Overbed Table with H Base castor
  • Two of the castors are lockable to prevent the table from moving
    ABS Overbed Table with H Base lockable castor
Overall Width 89.5cm (35.2")
Overall Length 44.5cm (17.5")
Overall Height 100cm (39.4")
Table Top Width 89.5cm (35.2")
Table Top Length 44.5m (17.5")
Table Top Thickness 3.5cm (1.4")
Base Width 71.5cm (28.1")
Base Length 39cm (15.4")
Base Height 12.5cm (5")
Height Adjustment 75 - 100cm (29.5"-39.4")
Table Material ABS
Castor Size
(Two lockable castors)

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