Absorbent Waterproof Non-Slip Incontinence Bed Pad (90 x 90cm)

DNR WheelsSKU: 50/AQBED2001-S

Size: 90 x 90cm


Night and Day Absorbent and Waterproof Non-Slip Incontinence Bed Pad No Tuck-In Flaps

Waterproof and absorbent bed pad, underpad mattress protector for a safe and comfortable night sleep - an ideal bed and mattress protector.

  • For kids and elderly
  • Simplybrio Incontinence Bed Pad (waterproof)Simplybrio Incontinence Bed Pad (waterproof)With a 100% waterproof backing
  • Washable and reuseable incontinence bed pad
  • Top layer is soft to touch, comfortable to lay and sleep on
  • Ideal for overnight use as a bed and mattress protector
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • It makes caring at home easier. - It helps to save your time and effort
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe
  • Last at least 200 washes or 2 years, you do not need to keep buying. Save your cost
  • Product from Australia
  • Size: 90cm x 90cm
  • 2000ml absorbency

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