Active Passive Digital Trainer I-Motion

APTSKU: i-Motion



The Smart Active and Passive Trainer for Upper and Lower Body Exercise - Challenging and benefiting at the same time, the i-Motion offers complete training for both upper and lower body, making it the ideal trainer for hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy clinics.
- Maintain muscle strength and tone, flexibility, endurance and general fitness for users of all ages.
- Choose from multiple resistance levels.
- Patented drive resistance unit offers dynamic resistance/ speed ratio.
- Control display unit features multiple program levels with bio-feedback.
- Easy to adjust seat height and distance.
- Easily adjustable inclination for optimal exercise position.
- Ergonomic design.
- Wheelchair accessible with the available wheelchair platform.
- Easily portable! The i-Motion folds down for easy transportation.

The I-Motion have many benefits:
- Require minimal balance or coordination - Can be used by people with walking and balance problems - Modular design promotes ease of maintenance and service   Active and Passive Mode:
- 10 levels of resistance for Active exercising.
- 10 levels of speed for Passive exercising.
- Active training for upper and lower limbs.
- Adjustable crank-arm height and length.
- Improve blood circulation, strength endurance and muscle-tone.
- Learn the motoric of cycling.
- Activate rhythmical locomotion patterns.

Clinical Applications:
- The importance of training for Senior citizens
- Rehabilitation for Orthopedic pathologies (partial weight bearing)
- Active and passive training for Children with motoric disorders
Post traumatic brain damage
- APT training for Parkinson patients
- APT training for Multiple Sclerosis patients
- APT training for Post Polio Syndrome patients
- Post Cardiac Rehabilitation

Adjustable and Accessible:
- Seat assembly slides off allowing direct wheelchair access
- Easy to adjust seat height and distance
- Ergonomic design. The angle of the I-Motion body can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort for the user during exercises
- 4 positions for handgrips and footrests allowing varied radius of movement
- Parallel workout option

Trainer 44.5kg (98 lbs)
Seat Assembly 19.5kg (43 lbs)
Wheelchair Platform (optional) 11.5kg (25.5 lbs)
Total Trainer Weight 73.5kg (162 lbs)
Power Supply 1.4kg (3 lbs)
Length 150cm (59")
Width 74cm (29")
Height 150cm (59")
Current Supply for Power Unit 110/230 VAC

Straight hand grip (pair)

Footrest (pair)

High support for footrest (pair)