AIREX Balance Beam (Blue)



  • Product Description

      Balance Beam – For Physiotherapy
      The AIREX
      ® Balance-beam was developed especially for clinical balance and proprioception exercises. Based on the shape of a conventional balance beam, it is used mainly in physiotherapy and to regain walking and foot functions. The flat beam is safe for balancing and training.
      64"x 9"; Soft foam trapezoidal beams can be positioned wide-side down (91/2") for greater stability or narrow-side down (4 1/2") for a greater vestibular challenge. The unstable base helps improve upper/lower body stabilization and coordination. This product is great for core conditioning, rehabilitation, gait and balance.

      Three tips for your AIREX® products
      1. Use the products barefoot or in socks (no sneakers)
      2. If your products get dirty, clean them with ordinary soapy water. Disinfection is not going to be necessary thanks to integrated Sanitized protection!
      3. Let the AIREX® products air dry thoroughly if they get wet (they can also be used outdoors)

      Suitable for: 
      Fitness / Prevention
      Pilates / Yoga
      Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation
      Club Sport / School Sport

      Special features:
      Extra big
      Absorbing - 
      Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries. Hygienic - Simple to clean, antimicrobial finishing.
      Water repellent - Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt.
      Size  Approx. 63.0" × 9.4" × 2.4" (160 x 24 x 6 cm)
      Weight 2.6 lbs. (1.1kg)

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