Aquatic Bubble Tube

RompaSKU: R019777-19780



Watch the multi coloured fish 'swim' up and down this captivating bubble tube, adding extra visual stimulation.

Bubble tubes are used as a complementary focal tool for sensory regulatory activities or used interactively with encouraging visual tracking, colour recognition, physical movement (reaching, looking up) and hand eye-co-ordination.

- Multi-sensory - audible, tactile, temperature and visual sensory input.
- Suitable for individuals of all ages (use under close supervision).
- Attracts attention, concentration and engagement.
- 8 colours provide a calming, relaxing ambiance.
- Smooth surface and cooler temperature of the tube provides tactile contrast.

Beneficial features:
- Robust.
- Easy to clean, maintain, operate and assemble.
- Latex-free

Compatible products:
- Mirror panels provide further sensory input, creating the illusion of more bubble tubes. (product code 11160)
- Give your user choice and control of the sensory stimuli level. This could potentially aid assessment of preferences/likes/dislikes, assist with teaching and learning skills (using compatible switches such as the Super Interactive Switch Box (product code 17274), 8 Colour Wirefree Controller (product code 19847) or Talking Cube (product codes 18870 and 20402).
- A Bubble tube collar is recommmended to secure the bubble tube to a wall (14694)
Base diameter: 51cm, tube diameter 15cm, overall height 108 - 208cm
Size 19777(U) - 100cm
19778(U) - 150cm
19779(U) - 175cm
19780 (U) - 200cm
(U suffix denotes 110V version)
Colour White Base
Base diameter 51cm
Tube diameter 15cm
Overall height 108 - 208cm

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