Bodypoint U-Shape Joystick Handle


  • Product Description

      U-Shape Joystick Handle
      The U-Shaped Joystick Handle is form-fitting and ergonomic due to its curved shape and waterfall edge. This design provides maximum driving control while remaining comfortable. It is available in two widths to accommodate the user's hand size and ability to stretch. 

      The Bodypoint difference is in the details:
      - Vertical wings prevent hands from slipping and can be re-shaped using hot water to better conform to the user's hand.
      - Attachment to the joystick box can be temporary by pressing it on or the handle can be made permanent. Click to find out how.
      PC101B PC102B
      Description 3” Ergonomic U-Shaped 4” Ergonomic U-Shaped
      Wide 7.6cm (3") 10.1cm (4")
      Stem Height 5.1cm (2") 5.1cm (2")
      Fit Stem Size Ø0.64cm (1/4") Ø0.64cm (1/4")
      Click on the link below to download product instructions. Joystick Handle Product Instruction

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