ComfyCare Underpad

DNR WheelsSKU: 86/0508-pkt

Size: M (40 x 60cm)
Packaging: Packet


Our Products ComfyCare are Low Price but made of Quality Materials!

ComfyCare Save 44% of Your Monthly Expenses!


X Brand

$0.45 per piece

$0.65 per piece

Average use 1 to 2 underpads a day

= $13.50 to $27 / month

Average use 1 to 2 underpads a day

= $19.50 to $39 / month

- 5 layers
- Blue PE backsheet
- With white absorbent pad
- Imported fluff pulp
- Good SAP with super absorbency
- Latex free
Medium Large
Size: 40cm x 60cm 75cm x 75cm
SAP: 2g 7g
Max Absorbency: 450ml 560ml
Packaging: 15 pieces/packet
20 packets/box
10 pieces/packet
15 packets/box

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