Conveen Latex Urisheath (with Uriliner)

ConveenSKU: 86/0512501740-pcs

Size: 25mm
Packaging: Piece


Latex urisheath with anti-leakage design and easy-on application.
- Anti-kink bellows end wide outlet for secure connection to a urine bag - Applicator grip and release strip for easy, smooth roll-out and secure application - Available as urisheath with separate adhesive uriliner for an individual fit
How to Use Conveen Urisheath/uriliner
-Trim pubic hair if necessary. - Wash and dry penile area.

1. To open the package, tear from one end to the other end. 2. Remove the protective paper from both sides of the liner. Stretch liner gently to activate its elasticity. Place one end of the liner on the penis above the glans. Pull the liner gently and wind it around the penis under gentle tension. 
3. Roll the urisheath up and along the penis and over the liner. 
4. Gently squeeze the urisheath around the shaft of the penis to ensure adhesion to the liner. No additional adhesive is necessary.   5. Connect the urisheath to a Conveen Urine Bag, The urisheath has a special feature, a connector ring at the end of the outlet, which makes it easy for you to push the urisheath onto the urine bag connector.  6. Each urisheath and liner may be left in the place for 24 hours. Do not reapply. To remove, roll off the urisheath - the liner will follow along with the sheath. 

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