Conveen Latex Urisheath

ConveenSKU: 86/5200-pcs

Code (Size) (Type): 5200 (Diameter: Ø 25mm; Length: 10.5cm) (One-Piece Self-Adhering)
Packaging: Piece


Conveen® urisheaths
Conveen is a urisheath designed for basic functionality

  • Easy and secure application
  • Elastic, hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Anti-kink outlet - security against blockage

One-Piece Self-adhering
Conveen Latex Urisheath - One piece Self-adheringConveen Latex Urisheath - One piece Self-adheringWith a handy applicator and a roll-out strip, the selfadhering one-piece urisheath can be easily and securely applied- even for people with limited dexterity. Furthermore, the applicator makes it easy for nursing staff and others to apply the urisheath without direct contact with the penis.

Two-Piece Sheath & Liner
The elastic hydrocolloid uriliner with double-sided adhesive will expand and contract along with the penis, allowing for a personal fit. Due to the “memory” feature of the material, the uriliner will return to its original size and tension. The liner is placed on the penis above the glans, and the urisheath is rolled along the penis and attached to the liner.

Anti-Kink Outlet
Conveen Latex Urisheath - Anti kink outletConveen Latex Urisheath - Anti kink outletThe anti-kink bellows ensure unobstructed flow of urine, even if the outlet is bent and twisted (for instance during sleep.)

Code Diameter Ø/mm Type
5200 25 One-Piece Self-Adhering
05130 30 Two-Piece Sheath & Separate Liner
05135 35 Two-Piece Sheath & Separate Liner

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