Decpac Personal Portable Ramp

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Lightweight Folding Ramps
Decpac ramps are manufactured with a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials to create an extremely strong and lightweight ramp suitable for a wide range of uses.

Decpac ramps fold with a concertina action allowing their width to be folded down to the most compact size ensuring maximum portability.

Lightweight, simple to use, portable, safe, strong - Decpac ramps take up to 300kg.

Decpac lightweight folding ramps give you more mobility in seconds. The concertina folding action is layed out simply and easily to make light work of awkward steps and kerbs. In their folded position, the Personal model is so compact, they can be easily carried on the back of the wheelchair or scooter with use of the optional carry bag.
Step 1 - Decpac Personal Portable RampStep 2 - Decpac Personal Portable RampStep 3 - Decpac Personal Portable RampStep 4 - Decpac Personal Portable Ramp

The Personal model is a lightweight ramp that is very portable and makes access easier in and around the home or workplace. Ideal for climbing kerbs and similar obstacles.
Decpac Personal Ramp

Decpac ramps are a multi-paneled design held together with a patented hinge system connected by webbing to allow the ramps to fold into a compact unit for easy vehicle or home storage. As compared to most other portable ramps on the market, which fold in halves, the Decpac ramps fold with a concertina action, allowing for a much smaller width when folded.

No assembly
Decpac ramps require no assembly at all. They are supplied in a folded position, and are ready to use in a matter of seconds by laying the ramp out on the ground in which it is to be used.

All Decpac models exhibit a high degree of capability to conform to differing surface angles whether it be a level building floor or an inclined side walk. This flexibility is made possible through Decpac’s multi panel design and patented hinge system.

Decpac Carry BagExtra carry bag for Decpac ramps

Decpac Grip TapeGrip tape for a non-slip surface

Decpac labelClearly labelled ‘TOP’ to show where the head of the ramp sits on the step

Decpac Safety PadSafety pads at the top and base for all weather surfaces

Width:  740mm
Length: 700mm
Weight: 4.8kg
Max Height: 175mm
Weight Capacity:

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