Drive Glider Walker

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Size: Paediatric
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A Glider Walker provides superior stability and balance that allows children to walk more safely and easily, supporting their development and encouraging greater independence.

The Glider Walker's wide base and solid wheels handle indoor and outdoor obstacles with ease and the adjustable handles and legs accommodate the individual's unique physical requirements.

✓ Aluminum frame with flame-red crossbar
✓ Height and angle-adjustable handles
✓ Handles rotate inward and outward for adjustable width
✓ Rubber wheel allows walker to roll easily and smoothly over irregular surfaces
✓ Tool-free adjustments
✓ Wide base provides stability and balance
✓ Weight capacity: 79kg (175 lbs)
Product Type Paediatric
Handle Height Range 12" - 21" 22" - 33" 29" - 37"
Depth (opened at base) 20" 25" 25"
Width (inside back legs) 17.5" 19" 24"
Product Weight 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) 3.18kg (7 lbs) 3.6kg (8 lbs)
Weight Capacity 79kg (175 lbs) 79kg (175 lbs) 79kg (175 lbs)

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