Easyroller 2 Wheelchair

EasyRollerSKU: EasyRoller 2



- No metal parts can pass airport security control without activating the metal detector
- No loose parts
- Recyclable plastic
- Wide and comfortable seat area
- The ergonomic form developed in a therapeutic professional environment
- Aesthetic design, not an institutional look
- High comfort and stability
- Easy maintenance
- EVA water-resistant padding
- Easy maneuvering
- Approved according to standard EN12183 and ISO 7176
Overall Width: 26" (67cm)
Overall Depth: 33" (82.5cm)
Overall Height: 42" (105cm)
Seat Width: 20" (50cm) 
Seat Depth: 17" (42cm) 
Seat Height: 21" (52cm)
Weight: 17kg (37.5lbs)
Pool Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs)
Approved User Capacity: 180kg (400lbs)