Famica Smart Toilet Frame

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Smart Toilet Frame Smart Toilet Frame (support)
Smart Toilet frames is designed to provide additional support and stability for toilet functions.  - Tool-free assembly
- No screws required 
- Weight capacity 150kg
- Free of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (carcinogens)

This product complies with ISO 17966 & PAHS.
ISO 17966 standard for Load / Fatigue / Durability / Stability / Sharp Edge Tests

Famica Smart Toilet Frame (handle)
- Ergonomic handrail, comfortable & adjustable armrests.
- Adjusting the front and rear adjustment buttons for comfortable support. 

Smart Toilet Frame adjustment
- Smart toilet frame with adjustable height and width to fit most of the toilets. 

Scope of Application
Famica Smart Toilet Frame (mesurement of toilet bowl)
Smart toilet frame fits standard and elongated toilet bowl. Please measure the scope of installation before purchase.

1. Find the two points A and B (points for tension kits), the distance of straight line should be 35 ~ 42cm (13.8"-16.5"). 
2. Find the center line and confirm that the center line is at least 38cm away from the walls (or bathtub) on both sides. 
Maximum Load 150kg
Product Weight 8.5kg
Depth 47.5cm (18.7")
Width 68 - 75cm (26.8"-29.5")
Height 63 - 75cm (24.8"-29.5")
(five sections adjustment, 2.5cm per section)
Material Steel, Plastic
Country of Origin Taiwan