Flex-Shaft Joystick Handles



Flex-Shaft Joystick Handles give users more control over their mobility with a joystick handle designed to meet their needs.
Bodypoint’s four unique models all feature flexible shafts that dampen driving vibrations to increase driving performance while reducing the risk of damage to electronic controls. Our special materials are easy-to-clean, non-toxic and resist unwanted pull-off from the metal stem.

> Grooved Mushroom

Bodypoint’s newest joystick handle, the Grooved Mushroom, is suitable for many types of users. Its hand-filling shape accommodates those grasping from the side or the top, while the ribbed top and grooved sides give superior grip and control for users with limited hand function or smooth palms. Can be easily cut down to six different heights.
PC110A Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16")
PC110B Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4")

> U-Shaped Joystick Handle

Our U-Shaped Joystick Handle provides maximum wheelchair driving control for those
with limited hand function. The curved “goalpost” design with waterfall edge is form-fitting and ergonomic, comfortably cradling hands while keeping them from sliding off. Available in two widths to fit different hand sizes, and can be custom-molded with hot water.
3" U-Shaped
PC101A Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16")
PC101B Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4")

4" U-Shaped
PC102A Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16")
PC102B Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4")

> Rubber Dome Joystick Handle

The Rubber Dome Joystick Handle is designed specifically for users with weak hands.
Its low, wide form fills the palm and keeps the wrist neutral for comfort and control. Ribbed texture reduces sweat buildup and increases friction to keep hands from slipping off.
PC107A Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16")
PC107B Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4")

> Straight Joystick Handle

Our Straight Joystick Handle is perfect for users who do best with a vertical grip. It is
easy to control using only the last joint of the fingers, and can be cut to length to meet
individual user needs.
PC104A Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16")
PC104B Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4")

> Ball Knob Joystick Handle

Providing more comfort than other ball knob handles, the Bodypoint Ball Knob Joystick Handle is larger than standard ball knob joysticks at 44mm (1-3/4”) wide, making it large enough to fill a user's hand.
PC103A Fits stem size: Ø4.5mm (3/16 in)
PC103B Fits stem size: Ø6mm (1/4 in)

> Softball Joystick Knob

The Softball Joystick Knob offers a larger, softer surface area upon which to rest the palm of the hand. It may be a great substitute to the traditional nipple joystick or to the T-Bar Joystick Knob option. For those with relaxed grip or muscle atrophy in the hand, the Softball option supports the palm in a naturally ergonometric and cushioned fashion.

Sizing: Bodypoint offers handles in two stem sizes to fit joystick controllers used on most major power chairs. Invacare chairs generally use 4.8mm (3/16”) stems, while 6.4mm (1/4”) stems are found on most Permobil, Pride, Quantum, Quickie, and Amysystems chairs.

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