Foldable Rising Walking Frame with Seat

DNR WheelsSKU: 10/2022



 A walking frame with wheels also known as a rollator is a walking aid with built-in handgrips and four legs of which two are having wheels, which provide support whilst walking. Additionally, it is equipped with a seat for resting. Portable and user-friendly. Instead of lifting the walker with every step, users can simply choose to push the walker effortlessly and focus on walking. Foldable Walking Frame With Seat demo
  • Made of a lightweight anodized aluminum frame (anti-rust)
  • Height adjustable - 5 levels of adjustment from 83 - 94cm
  • Suitable for user's height between 1.4 - 2m
  • Foldable Walking Frame in toiletThe lower handles are situated in the ideal place for the user to push themselves upwards into a standing position which is supported by the upper grips.
  • Foldable Walking Frame front wheelEquipped with two front wheels.
  • Foldable Walking Frame With Seat for restingEquipped with a seat for resting.
  • The seat can be removed.
  • Foldable Walking Frame pouchComes with a pouch.
  • Portable for daily activities as a walking assistant aid.
  • Foldable Walking Frame side clipFoldable for easy transport and storage by pressing down at the side clips.
  • Support up to 180kg.
  • User-friendly: Simply push and walk.

Floor to Handgrip:

83 - 94cm (5 levels of adjustment)

Maximum Load:




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