Foldaway Grab Bar (Stainless Steel + Plastic ABS)

DNR WheelsSKU: 20/3005/24

Size: 24"
Installation: Without installation


Grab bar is designed to enable a person to maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing, hold some of their weight while maneuvering, or have something to grab onto in case of a slip or fall.
  • A sturdy folding rail, projecting at right angles to the wall
  • Large baseplate to be mounted on a sound solid wall
  • The rail is held in the upright position by a spring-loaded cam and is easily folded down
  • Rail is 1" (25 mm) diameter
  • Made of Stainless Steel with ABS moulded grip
Assessment Fee $30
Installation Fee (For normal grab bar) $65 for the first two grab bar; $12 for each additional grab bar
Installation Fee (For foldaway grab bar)

$65 for the first grab bar; $30 for each additional grab bar

Mounting Bracket 4.5"x9" (11.5x22.9cm)

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