Fresubin Hepa Drink 200ml (Pack of 4 Bottles)


  • Product Description

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      Fresubin Kabi is removing the drinking straw as an effort in contributing to environmental protection and sustainability.

      Fresubin® Hepa DRINK

      - High-caloric (1.3 kcal/ml)
      - Rich in branched-chain amino acids
      - Low in aromatic amino acids and methionine
      - With medium chain trigylcerides
      - With fibre

      Flavour: Vanilla, Peach, Cappuccino

      - Not for pareneral use. 
      - Not suitable where enteral nutrition is not permitted.
      - Not suitable for infants under 1 year. 

      Should only be used under medical supervision.

      Recommended daily dosage​​:
      For supplementary nutrition​: ≥ 2–3 EasyBottles​ ; ≥ 520–780 kcal​
      For complete nutrition:​ ≥ 7–9 EasyBottles​ ; ≥ 1820-2340 kcal​

      Product Characteristics:

      Energy density​ 1.3 kcal/ml​
      Energy distribution​
      Protein​ 12%​ energy
      Fat 33%​ energy
      Carbohydrates​ 53.5%​ energy
      Fibre​ 1.5%​ energy
      Water​ 78 ml/100 ml

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