Gravity chair


Size: Small



The Gravity Chair or “Chill Chair”  is a very supportive foam positioning system to augment postural control for a wide range of individuals

The Classic: While the current cotton covers did not offer enough breathability, the new improved “wipe down” material creates a longer lasting product. The wipe down areas are a “comfort touch” PU coated fabric for maximum enjoyment.  Air breathable on user contact surfaces and rear back panel. Wipe down in all other areas.

The Wipe Down: Improved with the “comfort touch” PU coated fabric and greatly reduced price.   Fully wipe down, including internal contact surfaces where client is seated.

Size Small Medium
Code #3781 #3782
User Height 90-110 cm 110-130 cm
Seat Depth 26 cm 32 cm
Seat Width at Back 20 cm 23 cm
Seat Width at Front 27 cm 30.5 cm
Back Height 60 cm 69 cm
Total Width of Chair 46 cm 49 cm
Total Height of Chair 55 cm 61 cm
Total Depth of Chair 60 cm 71 cm
Weight Limit 50kg 70kg
    Size Width Length
    Small 50 cm 52 cm
    Medium 52 cm 61 cm